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Headlines from the January 2003 issue :: Vol.3, No.4, 24 pages
• Gateway Commerce Center exceeds growth forecast
• Highway 50 stretch earning name as 'golden road'
• Gateway largest regional real estate deal
• Developers predict 'bright future' for Metro East

More stories from the January print issue: illinois real estate focus

Headlines from the February 2003 issue :: Vol.3, No.5, 28 pages
• Illinois unites for federal funding to build new bridge
• Renewable energy will play major role in future comforts
• Swansea civil engineer's career and company continue to grow together

More stories from the February print issue: illinois engineering focus

Headlines from the March 2003 issue :: Vol.3, No.6, 28 pages
• Alton Steel revitalizing old Laclede Steel site
• New softball stadium recognizes women's sports advocate
• Hauler turned design-builder develops Granite City corridor
• Tenants inking deals at Fountains

More stories from the March print issue: commercial development focus

Headlines from the April 2003 issue :: Vol.3, No.7, 28 pages
• Patriot Act powerful in fight against terrorism
• City of Belleville to top new building permit record in 2003
• Entrepreneur wears multiple hats in support of business, community

More stories from the March print issue: business banking focus

Headlines from the May 2003 issue :: Vol.3, No.8, 24 pages
• Madison County's class-action label may drive businesses away
• Illinois Senate does two step in approving minimum wage increase
• Attorney blends compassion, expertise in counseling clients

More stories from the May print issue: illinois law focus

Headlines from the June 2003 issue :: Vol.3, No.9, 24 pages
• Military orchestrates arrival of troops with supplies
• House approves record-breaking Illinois tax increase for casinos
• Federal funding plans still very much alive for new Mississippi River bridge
• World troubles sway the way businesses operate

More stories from the June print issue: Technology focus

Headlines from the July 2003 issue :: Vol.3, No.10, 24 pages
• Array of opportunities abound at River's Edge
• Koman sells Lincoln Place, Stifel & SWIDA refinance debt
• Madison and Venice Share $13 million housing development

More stories from the July print issue: illinois redevelopment focus

Headlines from the August 2003 issue :: Vol.3, No.11, 24 pages
• Developers, archeologists strive for balance in progress, preservation
• Passage of state bill could expedite pace of state design-build projects
• 10 years of the 'new' Clark Bridge easing traffic flow to and from Alton

More stories from the August print issue: architecture/engineering focus

Headlines from the September 2003 issue :: Vol.3, No.12, 24 pages
• Governor signs Several Liability Act into law
• Lindenwood University opens first Illinois campus
• MidAmerica welcomes commercial airline tenant Great Plains

More stories from the September print issue: banking and finance focus

Headlines from the October 2003 issue :: Vol.4, No.1, 28 pages
• Missouri homebuilders dig Southwestern Illinois' housing market
• Wetland bank offers developers chance to buy remediation, keep project on track
• Metro East population shift wears grooves in roads built for less traffic

More stories from the October print issue: real estate development focus

Headlines from the November 2003 issue :: Vol.4, No.2, 24 pages
• Contractors, insurers object to Several Liability Law
• Career expo sparks youths' interest in construction trades
• Construction workforce still in great demand across Southwestern Illinois

More stories from the November print issue: construction and labor focus

Headlines from the December 2003 issue :: Vol.4, No.3, 24 pages
• Unpredictability fuels continued medical liability insurance crisis
• Pro-labor, anti-employer 'replacement worker' law effective Jan. 1
• One-Stop Centers match job seekers with employers seeking workers

More stories from the December print issue: human resource and workforce focus

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