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Headlines from the January 2004 issue :: Vol.4, No.4, 24 pages
• Steel companies prepare for impact of president's tariff removal
• Caseyville nets $400 million upscale residential, commercial development
• Governor visits, promises funding for more than 50 area development projects

January print issue: illinois economic development focus

Headlines from the February 2004 issue :: Vol.4, No.5, 24 pages
• River users object to Missouri River flow levels
• Urban levee districts attract more development, less concern
• East St. Louis riverfront draws inspiration from Laclede's Landing

February print issue: illinois engineering/architecture focus

Headlines from the March 2004 issue :: Vol.4, No.6, 24 pages
• SLU waits for $8 million buyer as Parks marks six-year vacancy
• East St. Louis' Emerson Park neighborhood lands second housing development
• Private brownfields developers unaware of 3-year-old, $3 million grant program

March print issue: southwestern illinois real estate focus

Headlines from the April 2004 issue :: Vol.4, No.7, 24 pages
• Steel price hikes hammer commercial construction
• Crews stand idle as state diverts 30 percent of user fee dollars
• Contractors recently given reins to settle job site trade duty disputes

April print issue: southwestern illinois construction focus

Headlines from the May 2004 issue :: Vol.4, No.8, 32 pages
• Attorneys, insurers, physicians point fingers over medical mal
• Medical malpractice crisis drives a dozen insurance carriers out of Illinois
• Legislators consider raising the bar on malpractice suits
• Admitting fault up front saves money long term, study shows

May print issue: southwestern illinois industry leaders

Headlines from the June 2004 issue :: Vol.4, No.9, 25 pages
• Bankers, lobbyists successful in keeping state tax exemption
• Stalled transportation bill puts peak construction season in jeopardy
• April stats show job losses slowing, tax and fee hikes still worrying businesses

June print issue: southwestern illinois banking and finance

Headlines from the July 2004 issue :: Vol.4, No.10, 24 pages
• Is Madison County the 'judicial hellhole' that tort reformers claim?
• Congress, Illinois draft bills to decide when class action cases go to fed court

July print issue: southwestern illinois law and telecommunications

Headlines from the August 2004 issue :: Vol.4, No.11, 28 pages
• Massive developments at stake as cities fight over annexation
• Edwardsville restoring 95-year-old theater
• Southwestern Illinois' population shuffling from American Bottoms to Bluff cities
• Parsons Place enters second phase

August print issue: southwestern illinois engineering/architecture/planning

Headlines from the September 2004 issue :: Vol.4, No.12, 28 pages
• Republicans continue to fight governor's debt plan
• Home builder bucks Bluff trend by building in Bottom communities
• Tight South County real estate market may drive companies to SW Illinois

September print issue: southwestern illinois real estate

Headlines from the October 2004 issue :: Vol.5, No.1, 28 pages
• Legislators still in dark over FY 2005 capital budget
• GOP rejoices over debt control act
• Hurricane quartet expected to spike cost of home building materials

October print issue: southwestern illinois construction

Headlines from the November 2004 issue :: Vol.5, No.2, 24 pages
• Worker's comp costs drive companies out of Illinois
• Illinois' workers' comp agency numbers, policies contradict research institute
• Angel investor wants to bring a little of San Jose to Southern Illinois

November print issue: southwestern illinois banking and finance

Headlines from the December 2004 issue :: Vol.5, No.3, 24 pages
• Number, quality of new Illinois homes up in 2004
• Business and education team up to encourage kids to Finish First
• Illinois' minimum wage increases to $6.50, surpasses federal minimum by $1.35

December print issue: southwestern illinois workforce development

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