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Headlines from the January 2006 issue :: Vol.6, No.4, 24 pages
• Illinois residents lining up to go to work in Missouri
• Spring Green Lodge back on the front burner, thanks to IFA
• Housing boom drives strong economyemployment surge

January print issue: illinois economic development focus

Headlines from the February 2006 issue :: Vol.6, No. 5, 24 pages
• Blagojevich, Republicans at odds over $3.2 billion capital budget
• Design costs increase as engineering projects wait on state budget money
• California developer teams with Peabody Energy to develop lakefront community

February print issue: illinois engineering/architecture/planning focus

Headlines from the March 2006 issue :: Vol.6, No. 6, 32 pages
• St. Louis company may build $80 million ethanol plant in Southwestern Illinois
• Another budget crisis looms on ESL horizon
• Bush targets development grants for budget cuts again

March print issue: southwestern illinois real estate focus

Headlines from the April 2006 issue :: Vol.6, No.7, 32 pages
• Supreme Court to decide economic development incentives case
• Major subdivision coming to former Parks College site
• Laborers, Operators leave AFL-CIO construction division

April print issue: southwestern illinois construction focus

Headlines from the May 2006 issue :: Vol.6, No.8, 32 pages
• Missouri forging forward on toll bridge
• Rahn road still raises ire in NM
• Studies find public-private partnerships have dismal track record in the U.S.

May print issue: southwestern illinois health care

Headlines from the June 2006 issue :: Vol.6, No.9, 24 pages
• Southwestern Illinois tries to play catch-up in venture capital game
• Government financing stew keeps Jaros Technologies in Southwestern Illinois
• Southwestern Illinois spends $3 million to protect $2.6 billion-producing Scott

June print issue: southwestern illinois banking and finance

Headlines from the July 2006 issue :: Vol.6, No.10, 24 pages
• Critical Skills Shortage Initiative targets RN training and retention
• Transportation leaders contemplate alternatives for new bridge
• Dealerships pump millions into O'Fallon economy, according to city officials

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young, entrepreneurial leadership across Southwestern Illinois

Headlines from the August 2006 issue :: Vol.6, No.11, 24 pages
• Missouri's brownfield program leaves Illinois in the dust
• Private money fuels large transportation projects elsewhere
• The ROHO Building, Belleville (FGM Architects, Holland Construction)

August print issue: southwestern illinois engineering/architecture/planning

Headlines from the September 2006 issue :: Vol.6, No.12, 24 pages
• Hot spots fuel residential development in Southwestern Illinois
• Alaska nets more than $200 million in federal T bill funds for bridge to nowhere
• Homebuilding, commercial development send regional tax base soaring

September print issue: southwestern illinois real estate

Headlines from the October 2006 issue :: Vol.7, No.1, 24 pages
• Watson, Blagojevich clash over repeal of gasoline sales tax
• Senior women volunteer work crew builds Habitat home in Alton
• Homebuilding, commercial development send regional tax base soaring

October print issue: southwestern illinois construction

Headlines from the November 2006 issue :: Vol.7, No.2, 24 pages
• Wal-Mart woos Congress as bankers cry foul
• Hotel experts say development and financing must be done by the numbers
• Small Business Administration lending hits record high in Illinois for FY2005

November print issue: southwestern illinois banking and finance

Headlines from the December 2006 issue :: Vol.7, No.3, 24 pages
• Universal healthcare proposal to be delivered to governor and legislature
• Hospital teams up with colleges to battle nursing shortage epidemic
• Labor bureau says 2008 will bring U.S. worker deficit

December print issue: southwestern illinois workforce development

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