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Headlines from the January 2007 issue :: Vol.7, No.4, 24 pages
• Local attorneys seeking to bring major league soccer to Collinsville
• Election causes Missouri officials to reconsider stance on toll bridge
• Energy plant, refinery to vie for thousands of construction workers in late 2007

January print issue: 2006: Development Year In Review

Headlines from the February 2007 issue :: Vol.7, No. 5, 24 pages
• Ohio, Kentucky unite on $3 billion bridge, interstate project
• Local firm buys land in Granite City for ethanol plant
• SWECI's customers to fare better than Ameren's, thanks to long-term agreement

February print issue: illinois engineering/architecture/planning focus

Headlines from the March 2007 issue :: Vol.7, No. 6, 32 pages
• Area home sales remaining strong despite statewide decrease
• Displaced Michigan auto workers visit Edwardsville for biorefinery training
• Edwardsville School District ready to take on Wood River in court over TIF

March print issue: southwestern illinois real estate focus

Headlines from the April 2007 issue :: Vol.7, No.7, 32 pages
• Ameren, power brokers dominate Illinois' electric rate auction
• Billions of dollars pour into bi-state construction projects in 2007
• Case pending in Illinois Supreme Court could overturn med mal caps supreme court

April print issue: southwestern illinois construction focus

Headlines from the May 2007 issue :: Vol.7, No.8, 32 pages
• Study finds Illinois must regain productivity edge
• Gross receipts tax will hit new homebuyers with over $8,000 in added cost, study finds
• Springfield once again battleground between trial lawyers and Illinois business interests

May print issue: 4th Annual Industry Leaders Edition

Headlines from the June 2007 issue :: Vol.7, No.9, 24 pages
• Southwestern Illinois tries to play catch-up in venture capital game
• Government financing stew keeps Jaros Technologies in Southwestern Illinois
• Southwestern Illinois spends $3 million to protect $2.6 billion-producing Scott

June print issue: southwestern illinois banking and finance

Headlines from the July 2007 issue :: Vol.7, No.10, 24 pages
• Collinsville soccer project blooming into large-scale, mixed-use development
• Adjustable mortgages, spiked utility costs burden SWIL homeowners
• Imperial Manufacturing locates U.S. hub in Alton

July print issue: Southwestern Illinois Annual Rising Star Edition

Headlines from the August 2007 issue :: Vol.7, No.11, 24 pages
• Last St. Louis area drive-in theater up for sale, may be redeveloped
• Caseyville's wooded lots, estate-sized homes ready for buyers
• Project is client's but plans, concepts belong to architect, despite misperception

August print issue: southwestern illinois engineering/architecture/planning

Headlines from the September 2007 issue :: Vol.7, No.12, 32 pages
• New Prairie State Energy Campus to power five Midwestern states
• State senator seeking to enable state, citizens to oust Illinois governor
• Agents weather slower real estate market

September print issue: southwestern illinois real estate

Headlines from the October 2007 issue :: Vol.8, No.1, 32 pages
• Area leaders seek time to repair levees, dodge FEMA bombshell
• Bi-state Mississippi Bridge deal awaits passage of Illinois capital bill
• Governor funds new healthcare initiative by taking from existing health programs

October print issue: southwestern illinois construction

Headlines from the November 2007 issue :: Vol.8, No.2, 24 pages
• Downstate legislators playing hardball on $25 billion capital bill
• Ethanol market economics dropping anchor on SW Illinois building boom
• Bankers cope with high cost of funds, shrinking margins, steep competition

November print issue: southwestern illinois banking and finance

Headlines from the December 2007 issue :: Vol.8, No.3, 24 pages
• Costello garners $67 million levee repair authorization
• Full retirement may be a thing of the past, workforce analysts say
• Jan. 1 'no smoking' law to hurt casinos, cost state millions in revenues

December print issue: southwestern illinois workforce development

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