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Headlines from the January 2008 issue :: Vol.8, No.4
• Subprime mortgage bust result of perfect storm of greed and stupidity
• Subprime mortgage meltdown to have $1 billion impact on area, study finds
• President, Congress and the Fed make belated attempts to repair subprime mess

January print issue: illinois banking and finance focus

Headlines from the February 2008 issue :: Vol.8, No. 5
• Illinois General Assembly passes bill to popularly elect the president
• American Bottom city leaders strategize to increase population
• Madigan blamed for holding up capital bill

February print issue: illinois engineering/architecture/planning focus

Headlines from the March 2008 issue :: Vol.8, No. 6
• Costello, Shimkus vow to keep FutureGen alive, fight another day
• Farm prices across region still booming from development
• Group claims $5 billion development war chest for ESL hospital, other projects

March print issue: southwestern illinois real estate focus

Headlines from the April 2008 issue :: Vol.8, No.7
• Behind the scenes effort culminates in bi-state bridge agreement
• Illinois employers footing higher workers' comp insurance premiums than most other Midwest states
• ConocoPhillips refinery expansion still on hold with U.S. EPA, pending environmental groups' appeal over air quality permit

April print issue: southwestern illinois construction focus

Headlines from the May 2008 issue :: Vol.8, No.8
• Proposal to jump state income tax rates to be resurrected after November election
• Illinois' tax burden 25 percent higher than Missouri's, foundation says
• Illinois comptroller blasts spendthrift ways of governor, legislature

May print issue: 5th Annual Industry Leaders Edition

Headlines from the June 2008 issue :: Vol.8, No.9
• Skyrocketing gas, food prices sustain retail sales numbers
• As ban continues, upstate casinos market to non-smokers
• IDOT must fill $49 million gap on new bridge project by 2010

June print issue: southwestern illinois banking and finance

Headlines from the August 2008 issue :: Vol.8, No.11
• Booming global demand, weak dollar shift steel makers into high gear
• Technology enables Wood River Refinery to benefit from oil sands
• Growing number of levees in the St. Louis area raises concern

August print issue: southwestern illinois architecture, engineering and planning

Headlines from the September 2008 issue :: Vol.8, No.12
• American Bottom to be hit with expensive flood insurance mandate
• Fuel costs, job losses factor into timing of housing market’s rebound
• Southwestern Illinois cities pouring millions into downtown projects

September print issue: southwestern illinois commercial real estate

Headlines from the October 2008 issue :: Vol.9, No.1
• Illinois voters to face question of rewriting state constitution on Nov. ballot
• Refinery settlement means green light for ConocoPhillips’ mega-expansion
• Illinois slipping in key economic competiveness indicators, study finds

October print issue: southwestern illinois construction

Headlines from the November 2008 issue :: Vol.9, No.2
• Costello, Shimkus, Durbin convince FEMA to slow down re-mapping process
• Congressmen vote no on bailout bill that pushes national debt to an all-time high
• Media coverage can impact financial markets, journalists say

November print issue: southwestern illinois banking and finance

Headlines from the December 2008 issue :: Vol.9, No.3
• Illinois State Medical Society optimistic that med mal caps law will be upheld
• Closing fraud loopholes would decrease Illinois' workers' comp costs
• School districts, companies working to bridge gap between education and employment

December print issue: southwestern illinois law and workforce

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