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January 2010

  Headlines from the January 2010 issue :: Vol.10, No.4
• Flood Prevention Council considers legal action to block FEMA re-mapping process
• IDOT low bids make $11 million extra stimulus project possible
• As wage theft rises, states and cities crack down

January print issue:
Economic Development Year in Review 
Feb 2010 Front Page Headlines from the February 2010 issue :: Vol.10, No.5
• Asian carp controversy sparks a war between the states
• Durbin, Costello at odds over mandatory flood insurance for American Bottom
• Short-term outlook for architectural firms rides on public funding, projects
February print issue:
Front Page March 2010 Headlines from the March 2010 issue :: Vol.10, No.6
• US Army Corps of Engineers holding American Bottom to new, higher standard
• Southwestern Illinois vacancy rate remains six times lower than that of St. Louis metro market
• HUD reg change causing home closing delays
March print issue:
Real Estate 
Front Page

Headlines from the April 2010 issue :: Vol.10, No.7
• Stimulus grant helping meet demand for wind energy expertise
• Construction companies looking to rebound in 2010
• IDOT District 8 sets record $330 mil in 2Q, creates 500 jobs

April print issue: Southwestern Illinois Construction

Front Page Headlines from the May 2010 issue :: Vol.10, No.8
• Flood insurance bill may not shield property owners from costly mandates
• Lack of productivity puts St. Louis region in the backseat for economic development
• State’s new tax credit program rewards small firms who hire full-timers in coming year
May print issue: Industry Leaders
front page Headlines from the June 2010 issue :: Vol.10, No.9
• Power Agency continues to drive electric rates down for Illinois consumers
• Insurance companies lobby Congress to require annuities as part of retirement plan mix
• No estate tax this year, but estate planners say no one knows what's coming for 2011
June print issue: Banking & Finance
Front Page Headlines from the July 2010 issue :: Vol.10, No.10
• Earnings tax referendum threatens city of St. Louis and Southwestern Illinois
• Giving to basic needs up in 2009 as donors see 'face of need' in
neighbors, friends, jobless
• State lawmakers ignore deficit, put off hard decisions for another day
July print issue: Rising Stars 

 Front Page

Headlines from the August 2010 issue :: Vol.10, No.11
•Lush benefits, fiscal irresponsibility, put Illinois at bottom of pension heap
• Staffing industry reveals light at the end of the unemployment tunnel
• Engineers' job outlook brighter than most professions, even during recession, survey finds
August print issue: Engineering/Architecture/Planning 

front page Headlines from the September 2010 issue :: Vol.10, No.12
•Deal to ship 30 million pounds of carp to China will bring flying fish under control
• St. Louis, nation braces for ballooning commercial loans, tightened lending, lower values
• Feud between Edwardsville and Glen Carbon may doom The Alliance
September print issue: Real Estate

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Headlines from the October 2010 issue :: Vol.11, No.1
•Reclaiming minerals at Superfund site with green technology
• Cuts in apprenticeships bodes ill for future of building trades workforce in SWIL
•FEMA relief bill on life support as Congress adjourns early
October print issue: Construction

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Headlines from the November 2010 issue :: Vol.11, No.2
•Residential real estate is traditional key that turns economy's engine back on
•Commercial real estate defaults are storm on horizon for banking industry
•College costs rise despite recession as degree becomes gatekeeper to middle class

November print issue: Banking and Finance

December Front Page Headlines from the December 2010 issue :: Vol.11, No.3
•Huge incentive package, lower labor costs lure Olin Winchester plant to Mississippi
•State of Illinois' late bill paying forcing vendors to drop state as customer or close shop
•Study says Illinois needs to change tax structure and increase taxes to get out of deficit hole

December print issue: Law & Senior Execs

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