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  Headlines from the January 2011 issue :: Vol.11, No.4
• Missouri "fair tax" proposal could push shoppers to Southwestern Illinois
• Push on in Missouri to join growing list of right-to-work states
• Experts look for an economic rebound in 2011

January print issue:
Economic Development Year in Review
front page Headlines from the February 2011 issue :: Vol.11, No.5
• Illinois setting its sights on collecting sales taxes from Internet purchases
• Engineering firms not seeing much light at the end of the construction tunnel
• Local leaders to hold meeting to set the record straight on FEMA levee crisis
February print issue:
Front Page Headlines from the March 2011 issue :: Vol.11, No.6
• Court ruling on 'Illinois Jobs Now!' capital bill throws some projects in limbo
• Illinois home foreclosure process differs materially from that in Missouri
• Canada's more stringent lending practices kept its housing market from crashing, experts say
March print issue: Southwestern Illinois Commercial Real Estate
front page Headlines from the April 2011 issue :: Vol.11, No.7
• Spiking fuel prices hammer contractors, befuddle job estimators
• Illinois contractors, workers getting zapped by law meant to protect them
• Construction season jeopardized as court decision throws wrench into works

April print issue:
Southwestern Illinois Commercial Construction
front page Headlines from the May 2011 issue :: Vol.11, No.8
• Healthcare reform law rumbling down tracks toward showdown in U.S. Supreme Court
• Healthcare industry going HITECH with conversion to electronic records
• Contrasting, competing bills seek to create Illinois health insurance exchange
May print issue:
Industry Leaders
Front Page Headlines from the June 2011 issue :: Vol.11, No.9
• Soaring gas prices hammer both retailers and consumers
• Illinois income tax hike not enough says tax and budget expert
• Debit card fee reduction in Dodd-Frank has small banks protesting loss of revenue

June print issue:Banking/Finance Special Section: Women in banking
Front Page Headlines from the July 2011 issue :: Vol.11, No.10
•Workers' comp reform bill stings doctors but is short on reform, critics claim
• Glen Carbon agrees to nearly $6 million in tax rebates to bring Sam's Club to village

July print issue:Southwestern Illinois' All-Stars (charitable giving)
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Headlines from the August 2011 issue :: Vol.11, No.11
•Congress needs to prioritize U.S. transportation funding before bill expires Sept. 30, Costello says
•One year later, Dallas is still fighting the Corps permit process with no end in sight
•Chamber calls for dissolution, replacement of state economic development agency
August print issue:Engineering/Architecture/Planning

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Headlines from the September 2011 issue :: Vol.11, No.12
•Indiana uses Illinois tax hikes to lure industry across border
•Qualified Residential Mortgage requirements could spell trouble for homebuyers
•S&P eyes states' debt strategies when making call on credit ratings

September print issue:Southwestern Illinois Real Estate

Front Page Headlines from the October 2011 issue :: Vol.12, No.1
•Mississippi on an economic development roll as more companies make the move
•Construction unemployment dips as workers abandon the industry
•NFIB sues NLRB, government agency's rule-making keeps small business' watchdogs on guard
October print issue:Southwestern Illinois Construction
Front Page Headlines from the November 2011 issue :: Vol.12, No.2
•SWIL savings follow nation while Missouri side takes divergent path
Madison County's Gateway Commerce Center keeping 700 jobs, adding 100 more
•Corps' Unacceptable rating a "reinterpretation of history," levee leader claims
November print issue:Southwestern Illinois Banking & Finance
Front Page Headlines from the December 2011 issue :: Vol.12, No.3
•New genetics law could create minefield for employers, experts say
State supreme courts under attack as moneyed interests battle for control
•Employers hold onto cash, invest conservatively as economic uncertainty reigns, analysts say
December print issue:Southwestern Illinois Law

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