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  Headlines from the January 2009 issue :: Vol.9, No.4
• New Illinois ethics law spurs governor to bring deals in under the  wire
• Bill threatens to divert millions from cities, counties to fix state’s financial woes
• IDOT has hands full opening a path for the New Mississippi River Bridge

January pint issue:
Economic Development Year in Review 

Feb 2009

  Headlines from the February 2009 issue :: Vol.9, No.5
• Big bang produced by every infrastructure buck, construction experts say
• Cities, stae, schools socked by smoking ban impact on casino revenues
• Legislation proposes 42 percent hike in Illinois' motor fuel tax

February print issue:
Engineering, Architecture, & Planning 

 March 2009

  Headlines from the March 2009 issue :: Vol.9, No.6
•Game of hardball with Chicago pols results in big bucks for downstate transit
•Mortgage bankers, realtors say mortgage 'cramdown' will raise rates
•Billions invested in economic development incentives with little result, study says

March print issue:
Real Estate

Front Page April 2009

Headlines from the April 2009 issue :: Vol.9, No.7
Business groups lobby against expansion of prevailing wage law into incentives territories
•Obama's COBRA subsidy helps laid-off workers but could cost businesses in long run
•Construction business becoming jigsaw puzzle with ever changing parts

April print issue:
Headlines from the May 2009 issue :: Vol.9, No.8
Local officials battling bureaucrats and budget on levee repairs
•Homebuyers taking advantiage of current  bear market by "low-balling" sellers
•Bill would reward companies for investing in Illinois-based energy operations

May print issue:
Industry Leaders
Headlines from the June 2009 issue :: Vol.9, No.9
Community college enrollment, earning power increases in U.S., Fed study says
•Build America Bonds spur billions in public works projects in just three months
•New law means protections but higher rates for all credit cardholders, bankers say

June print issue:
Banking & Finance

Illinois Business Journal
Staring July 2009
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Headlines from the July 2009 issue :: Vol.9, No.10
Price of electric nearly cut in half by new Illinois Power Agency
•Massive Caseyville development stalled, waiting for turnaround in the economy
•Costello working to buy time for American Bottom residents, businesses

July print issue:
Rising Stars

Headlines from the August 2009 issue :: Vol.9, No.11
ICC temporarily denies eminent domain powers to Canadian pipeline
•St. Louis-Chicago high speed rail proposal faces lots of competition
•Climate bill would sock Midwest utilities, industries, consumers leaders say

August print issue:

  Headlines from the September 2009 issue :: Vol.9, No.12
East St. Louis property owners being hammered by astronomical multipliers
•Record number of commercial properties in distress regionally, nationally will increase thru 2011
•New appraisal rules aim to put trust back into the residential mortgage market

September print issue:
Real Estate
Headlines from the October 2009 issue :: Vol.10, No.1
Developer reevaluating Glen Carbon project in wake of governor's veto
•Lawsuit throws $31 billion Illinois Jobs Now program in jeopardy
•Chamber pushing to repeal new law that doubles income tax on Illinois partenerships

October print issue:
front cover Headlines from the November 2009 issue :: Vol.10, No.2
FDIC proposed ruling asks banks to prepay three years of premiums by year's end
•Stimulus bill drives SBA lending up 53 percent in Illinois
•State board struggling with mounting stack of property tax appeals

November print issue
: Banking & Finance
Dec 2009 Front Cover Headlines from the December 2009 issue :: Vol.10, No.3
Old executive order brings hammer down on development in American Bottom
•Illinois workers' comp rates jump, out of step with national trends
•Recent college grads having tough time finding jobs in recession

December print issue
: Law & Senior Execs

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